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Get ready to experience a completely new type of game!

Chat Fu takes a normal Facebbok chat conversation and turns it into an exciting battle of wits and deception.

When a round begins, you choose a word based on what you think you can get your friend to say. Then your job is to somehow coerce your friend into saying that word during the course of casual conversation. The round ends when your friend successfully mentions the target word and your character performs a “finishing move” on your opponent.

The big twist is that your friend might not even know that they’re playing. On his/her screen, it looks like any other conversation (in their chosen chat client). Your opponent only finds out that they’ve been beaten if you choose to share the replay on your wall. Which can often trigger the desire to enact revenge.

Winning rewards you with coins that you can use to purchase new word lists, characters, arenas and even upgrades that can help you win more battles. With 20 characters and numerous other items, you’ll have plenty to earn and lots to show off.

Here’s what people are saying based on our Facebook beta release:

“It has the potential to become the next Words With Friends.” –

“Rather than think of Chat Fu as a Facebook game, think of Facebook itself as the game.” – National Post

“If we were able to give a prize to the most uniquely awesome video game idea that we’ve seen in quite some time, then there’s no doubt in my mind that Chat Fu would take home the gold.” – Gamezebo (Web Game of the Month August 2013)

Nominated for…

  • Best Social or Casual Game
  • Best Game Design
  • Best Game Innovation
  • Best Indie Game
  • Best Technology
  • Fans’ Choice Award
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Bookmarks

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