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Set in the 1920s and inspired by vaudeville and film noir, Contrast is an 2D/3D puzzle/platforming adventure game where you have the power to become your shadow.

Inspired by Pan’s Labyrinth, Contrast is a story about a little girl coming to terms with a difficult family situation – her father abandoned her mother, but he has returned to try and reconcile the relationship. You play as Dawn, Didi’s imaginary friend, and you must run around with her to try and fix her troubled family. However, Dawn is as special as any imaginary friend, and she has the power to become her shadow at any lit wall, run on all of the other shadows in 2D, and then switch back to 3D whenever you have a shadow.

However, as you go through the world of Contrast, you begin to realise that not all is as it seems – Contrast is an adult story seen through a child’s eyes, with the story being told through shadow. Didi and her family are in deep with some pretty bad people, and you must use your shadow powers to help Didi sort everything out.

Contrast is developed by Compulsion Games, a team of 6 people (plus a few reliable partners) based in Montreal, Quebec.

Nominated for…

  • Best Downloadable Game
  • Best Audio
  • Best Game Design
  • Best Game Innovation
  • Best Indie Game
  • Best New Character
  • Best Original Music
  • Best Technology
  • Best Visual Arts
  • Best Writing
  • Game of the Year
  • Fans’ Choice Award
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